John Allair Cleans House

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John Allair's Thoughts and Players: 

"During the 1990s, I began to concentrate on my own gigs. Jerry Weiss decided it was time I put out an album and funded it. Cleans House means I had a bunch of songs sitting around. I was doing my own personal house cleaning - hence: Hoover vacuum on the cover! Along with my drummer, Pete Lind with whom I've played since high school, you'll find some of the best musicians in the Bay Area on this album." 

John Allair - Piano, Organ & Vocals / Pete Lind - Drums 

Side A: Studio 

1. Intro - "The late, great pianist Stu Blank suggested the phone answering machine message to open the record." ("Hey - Why don't you do that at your house and put it on the record.") 

2. Slow Motion - "w/ legendary Bay Area horn player Rev. Ron Stallings on all horn parts & solo with Karl Sevareid (Musselwhite/Bishop/Cray) on bass. " 

3. Johnny's Boogie - "My Boogie. '50's style Boogie Woogie trio and a favorite of Johnny Otis with whom I did some recording in the late 90s. Sevareid - bass." 

4. Wanna Talk - "Trash talking, macho, jiving guy. Sevareid - bass." 

5. Detoxify - "One of my older songs which has been used on a 12 step MA (marajuana) commercial as well as a favorite at AA gatherings. Again with Rev. Ron Stallings on all horn parts. Pierre Joseph on bass." 

6. Don't Tell Me What To Do - "Inspired by my ex-wife with me and the band collapsing in laughter. Pierre Joseph - bass." 

7. Interlude  - "Atonal jazz snippet. Joseph - bass." 

8. Stack-O-Lee  - "Old New Orleans classic. This version from '85 album Larkspur  produced by Van Morrison bandmate Mark Isham." 

9. Piano 1  - "Classical Improv." 

Side B: Studio: 

1. Whoopin' & Hollerin'  - "With Rita Thies whopping' & hollerin' on Sax. Sevareid - bass." 

2. Dadio  - " A homage to my Dad who passed away around this time. With the Girlfriends (Amy Treadwell / Connie James / Mary Ellen, Essiambre / Kim Soares / Jan Stover) on backing vocals, sounding like a choir from the celestial realms. Sevareid - bass." 

3. Autumn Leaves - "Bach intro into Jazz standard. Pierre Joseph - bass." 

4. Remodel Blues  - "Another true story inspired by my ex, who was at it constantly. Contractors like this tune! Sevareid - bass." 

5. Little School Girl  - "A favorite from Fats Domino. On a B-Side 78 from 1953 which I still have. Sevareid - bass." 

6. Cajun Waltz - "With pseudo French vocals. Fun for all. Jerry Weiss - Triangle / Sevareid - bass." 

Side C. Live: 

1. High Place (In Your Mind) - "My big hit. My son agrees with that. Originally recorded for '85 album Larkspur, it received radio play and was spotlighted on Van Morrison's tours during those years. This was recorded live at Prairie Sun w/ Ron Stallings, Rita Thies, and Rob Sudduth (Solo) on horns and the Girlfriends among the crowd with Jamie Fox on guitar. Sevareid - bass." 

2. Shake Dance - "Also live at Prairie Sun with the same crew, having a blast, with the horn players dancing around. Stallings, Thies, Sudduth on horns. Fox - guitar. Sevareid - bass." 

3. Buick '59 - "Late 50s hit by The Medallions. Live at  Prairie Sun. Stallings, Thies, Sudduth on horns and the Girlfriends among the crowd. Fox -  guitar. Sevareid - bass." 

4. Real Boogie Woogie - "Off the album of the same name, live at the Tradewinds in Cotati with Pete Lind on drums, Tom Martin on bass and Rev. Ron Stallings dubbing the tenor." 

Side D. Bonus Tracks: 

1. Mad Love - "Early Muddy Waters hit. An epic, with the Rev doing background tenor riffs and I'm jumping between piano and organ. What a trip!. Again live at Prairie Sun with Stallings, Thies, Sudduth on horns and Fox on guitar. Sevareid - bass.". 

2. Piano 2 - "Classical Improv. "Speaks for itself if you like that kind of stuff. I do!" 

3. B3 Organ Snippet - "Live in my "organ" garage with 3 speaker set-up. A whole organ environment!" 

4. Johnny's Blues - "The trio live at The Site (Marin County) with Randy Quan on guitar and drummer Pete Lind, off of JRP album." 

5. Since I Fell - "Classic written by Buddy Johnson. I've been doing it since the 50s. From Larkspur album."