Larkspur - Produced by John Allair & Mark Isham

John Allair Cleans House - Original CD

The Real Boogie Woogie - Live "And Friends"

Organ - Solo B3 Hammond organ

Improvisations - Keyboard Excursions

JRP Trio Live At The Site - Live Studio

Pete & Johnny Live - Summer 1960 @ Drake Club, Fairfax, California

A Box Of Wires - Produced By John Allair, Dick Mithun, and Melissa Bond. Blues & Boogie on Harpsichord & Clavichord

John Alliar Cleans House - Expanded 2 LP release with Bonus Tracks on Color Vinyl w/ Live DVD

John Allair Digs In - Produced by John Korty. Retraces his career with commentary by Huey Lewis, Mark Isham, Maria Muldaur, Elvis Bishop, music writer Joel Selvin, and long time drummer Pete Lind. 25 minutes.